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ImgStuff FAQs

What is ImgStuff?

ImgStuff is a online image upscaler. All conversions are free and instant, with no registration required.

ImgStuff enlarges images in what way?

ImgStuff intelligently reduces noise and serration in images by utilizing the most recent Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. This enables image enlargement without loss of quality.

Examples: See examples images

Is ImgStuff API compatible?

We're sorry, but we don't yet support API. This feature will be available soon.

How does ImgStuff compare against other tools?

With other software and tools, such as Photoshop, an enlarged image can still appear fuzzy, with visible blur and noise. Our product utilises neural networks with a custom algorithm tailored to the lines and colors of the images. This results in a much higher quality image. The colors are vibrant, and there is almost no 'glitter' or doubling to be seen. More importantly, the noise, which has a significant impact on image quality, is not visible in the resulting images.

What images should be enlarged the most?

Anime pictures and drawings are nearly ideal for all types of processing; colors, details, and edges are well preserved. Regular photos are indeed supported.

What are the upper restrictions for uploaded images?

There are no upload limits at the moment.

How fast is it progressing upscale?

Once the process begins, the estimated remaining time will be displayed. The time required varies depending on the original size and enlarging configurations. Typically, the actual processing time is much shorter than the estimated time. This is also dependent on server traffic and the time of day.

My convert attempt failed! Why?

There is a small chance that your enlarging will fail depending on your network environment and the current number of online users. If you encounter such an issue, simply try again.

Should I keep my browser open after I run it?

Yes! You must keep your browser open, or the enlarged image will be lost.

What is the privacy policy?

Images that have been uploaded or enlarged will be automatically deleted after one day. Image links are secured. No one can download your image or result unless you share the image link.